Jillian Skinner responds to our Living Albums

The Living Album is a collection of stories and experiences we recently collected about people who have received palliative care in NSW, each beautifully and compellingly written by surviving members of family, relatives and friends.

In April, we hand delivered physical copies of the Living Album to key people and policymakers including then Premier Barry O’Farrell, Health Minister Jillian Skinner and the NSW Treasurer, Mike Baird. The video below details more about the Living Album.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 5.34.58 PMSince then we have received a written response from Jillian Skinner, a paraphrased summary of which can be read below.

Dear Yvonne,

Thank you very much for your book, The Living Album, and for your kind note. The book is a positive reflection of your advocacy and passion for palliative care patients and their families.

I appreciate your concern about the coverage of the new community-based palliative care packages, which were introduced as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to improve access to palliative care.

The community-based support packages are designed to ensure safe and comfortable care at home in the last weeks of life. They are provided by leading palliative care providers, working closely with Local Health Districts (LHDs). The packages can be mobilised quickly and are designed to be tailored to the needs of individuals and their families.

All LHDs in NSW can refer patients to these palliative care providers to receive support packages. In most LHDs, packages are already available, or are in the process of becoming available, in all areas. The Ministry will be working closely with the remaining LHDs to achieve appropriate coverage.

Implementation of the community-based support packages is in its early stages and the Ministry of Health will be monitoring the roll-out of these packages closely. Consideration will be given to coverage and access across LHDs as implementation progresses.

Thank you again for your work in the palliative care field and for the copy of The Living Album, which I have made available to the Ministry of Health team responsible for palliative care.

Yours sincerely,

Jillian Skinner MP



2 thoughts on “Jillian Skinner responds to our Living Albums

  1. Hi Yvonne, so glad you got a reply to the album. Hope it helps to get more funding. Looking forward to catching up and looking through the album. Are the stories up on the Facebook page yet. Ann

    • Dear Ann, Sincere apologies for vein so slow to answer. I’ll check that the stories are up on the Page. Let’s make a time to meet before Christmas! I’m back from all my overseas jaunts and ready for great amounts of work in NSW. I’d love to share it all with you. Warmest regards, Yvonne

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